Municipal vehicles


The production of «ElectronMash» enterprise is called upon to provide towns with year-round mobile mechanized complexes of municipal area, as in contrast to the European towns municipal services of Ukraine and CIS have a low technical equipment, especially in local organizations. The users of «ElectronMash» production are also industrial enterprises, road organizations, keepers of other urban and industrial infrastructure.

«Electron» maneuverable small public trucks with changeable kits of attachments, unique in the countries of CIS, are intended for keeping improvement facilities in a proper sanitary condition, carrying out different kinds of municipal services in the streets, pavements, parks and territories around the buildings.

Due to quick mounting/demounting of different types of bodies the trucks are easily transformed into the means of various functional purposes, such as: snow removal, sweeping, sprinkling and washing of urban streets, roads, green planting maintenance, garbage removal from places difficult of access, etc.

The spheres of application of «Electron» universal trucks are:

year-round services in municipal economy;

desaster recovery and rescure services;

- construction and repair works;

- enterprises and farms;

- airports, railway stations and other infrastructure objects.

The constructional feature of «Electron» municipal trucks of multifunctional purpose is a special basic chassis of its own production, equipped with hydraulic system, erecting and charging crane-manipulator, due to which one operator can quickly mount/demount some types of bodies (including tipping). One such truck is able to substitute a number of narrow-specialized vehicles.

«Electron» municipal trucks are produced in two basic packaging arrangements – standard summer and standard winter complexes, and also, in accordance with customer`s desire, are replenished with different types of engines (benzine or diesel oil engines) and additional changeable body and hinged equipment.

Additional advantages of «Electron» trucks of multifunctional purpose are all-wheel drive, optimal specifications, high clearance, operational reliability, easy in service and maintenance, and also the price – they are considerably cheaper than foreign analogues.





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