«ElectronMash» enterprise designs and produces ambulances, completed with medical equipment and devices intended for rendering emergency care for a person in acute state on the place of occurrence and transportation of the patient to the nearest emergency department or another point, where a necessary medical aid can be provided.

The main advantage and difference of the vehicles over existing park of ambulances are that they are all-wheel drive vehicles of hyper cross-country ability with diesel and benzine engines, intended for work of urgent and disaster medicine during emergence and liquidation of their consequences in difficult road conditions and in the places difficult of access, namely, in mountain and village areas.

«ElectronMash» enterprise produces ambulances of A and B types.

The ambulances of A type (patient transportation ambulance) is intended for transportation of the patients, whose state does not assume changes, bring into a state of emergency.

The ambulances of A type are subdivided into:

A1 type: ambulance is intended for transportation of only one patient;

A2 type: ambulance is intended for transportation of one or more number of patients (on stretchers and/or wheelchair (-s).

The emergency ambulances of B type are ambulances designed and equipped for transportation, provision of the first medical care and tending the patients.

Colour and graphic lay-out, identification markings, special light and audible signal devices of the ambulance meet all requirements of ГСТУ 3849.

The ambulances, their packaging arrangement, technical and operating characteristics, medical facilities meet the requirements of National standard «Ambulances and their equipment» ГСТУ 7032:2009 and directive 70/156/EEC for vehicles of special purpose.





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