«ElectronMash» plant is a laureate of the regional stage of «The best 100 goods of Ukraine» competition


During All-Ukraine «The best 100 goods of Ukraine» competition the presentation and awarding of Lviv regional stage finalists with decorations took place.

The event was conducted on the 2-d of October 2014 while the traditional annual «Lviv commodity producer-2014» competition-fair was opening.

Among the finalists there was «ElectronMash» plant which presented to the competition ЕМ-С320.12 «Electron» municipal truck of multifunctional purpose.

Honorary decoration in «The goods of production and technical purpose» nomination was given to general director of «ElectronMash» plant Stanislav Voytkiv.

The final stage of All-Ukraine «The best 100 goods of Ukraine» competition will be in December this year.





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