Plant novelty - JEEP "HUNTER"

At the annual fair "Lviv manufacturer 2015" plant "Elektronmash" presented his latest development - the SUV "Hunter", designed for special services.

Car Hunter - a two-axis design of the diesel engine category M1G (terrain for the carriage of passengers) with wheel formula 4x4. The basic model for making "Hunter" was certified new car model "Electron" EM M320.42.

The car is designed to carry six people (2 - in the cabin and 4 - body). The design of the car "Hunter" designed with the ability to create on its base versions for different purposes: for the transportation of personnel working in difficult field conditions (geologists, geophysicists, foresters, surveyors, mobile repair teams avariyno- Energy, railwaymen, railway workers, etc.). , as well as for outdoor activities such as hunting.

Equipped with a powerful electric winch and, with increased ground clearance, all-wheel drive "Hunter" can overcome the lack of roads, steep climbs and if necessary help other vehicles. The passenger cabin is equipped with folding tables, a wardrobe for storing clothes, hand luggage and equipment, heating and air conditioning. One of the features of its design are the special viewing platform with folding railing on the roof of the body, which can climb a folding ladder. The car is designed for operation in temperate climates at nominal temperatures of ambient minus 30 degrees ° C to + 50 ° C.


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