All 10 “Electron” buses are in Uzhhorod alredy: after necessary procedures they come to a route (PHOTO)


All new up-to-date "Electron” buses intended for city rout purchased this year are already in Uzhhorod. Today 7 more buses in addition to 3 ones, which had come to the town on the 30-th of September, arrived from Lviv.

Uzhhorod borough council informs about it.

Hereafter, the buses pass all necessary procedures, registration, execution of documents, adjustment of engineering viewing systems, counting of passengers, etc. Also the tender for more new one "through” route  №24, which  will connect  Dravtzy, New district, Sobranetzka, Zakarpatzka, Zagorsyka, Oleksandr Hryboyedov,UzhNa  streets, will hold. More then 30 bus stops are provided by the rout. 

Let you remind that the 10 buses were purchased this year for "Uzhhorod municipal transport” utility enterprise on the terms of leasing. For the purpose the competition of financial institutions was hold. In the competition "Ukrgazbank” won a victory with the most advantageous terms. On demand of utility enterprise, taking account experience of bus-drivers and wishes of passengers, some internal technical improvements in comparison with the same model of the bus purchased last year were made.

In addition, seats became more up-to-date and comfortable, heating /cooling system in bus compartment was changed, door checks were modified, technical improvements which enables to reduce fuel consumption were carried out, video surveillance was upgraded, the number of compartments were increased, etc. The buses are intended for more than 100 passengers, there are conveniences for transportation disabled persons, and parents with perambulators.


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