Presentation of the first national truck of multifunctional purpose


On the 4-th of October  2012 the opening day of  the traditional «Lviv commodity producer» exhibition began with a presentation of the first national «Electron» truck of multifunctional purpose. At the same time with a new vehicle Concern showed a project on manufacture of an up-to-date Lviv tram and a number of new products, which have been mass-produced already.

The main attention was attracted to «Electron» vehicle. The creation of a new vehicle was initiated with Concern and it was fully realized at the expense of the enterprise. It is manufactured in «ElectronMash» plant - a new subsidiary enterprise of Concern. It is the first low-cargo truck of multifunctional purpose of European standart not only in Ukraine, but in CIS (similar vehicles are produced in Germany and Czech Republic).

«Electron» vehicle is a versatile appliance and year-round mechanized complex on a compact, efficient all-wheel drive chassis of a high mobility.

On the basic chassis with hydraulic system different types of bodies (including tipping with a possibility to unload in three sides), and also over 50 types of hinge attachments of various functional purposes are mounted. A new vehicle allows the disposal of garbage containers, snow removal from urban streets, roads and pavements, it is used as a sand and salt mix spreader, sprinkling or road sweeping truck, as a road vacuum cleaner and also as a mowing machine for lawns and green planting maintenance, fulfils works on building sites with circumscribed area and carries out a lot of other kinds of operations.

In «Electron» vehicle it is possible to install some types of engines – classical benzene and diesel, and also combined «benzene – gas». In the nearest future the installation of electric motors, working on accumulators on the base of capacitor banks of extreme high capacity (defended with a patent – development of Lviv university «Lvivsyka polytehnika») in the vehicle is planed. New batteries are able to be used as a fully autonomic source of power supply.

«Electron» truck of multifunctional purpose is mainly intended for needs of municipal economy, but due to its possibilities it can be used in many branches: in construction, road-repair works, in farms and other spheres of economic activity.

«Electron» truck of multifunctional purpose

Solemn presentation of a new product to the guests and participants of the exhibition

The Chairman of the board of PJSC «Concern-Electron» Yuriy Bubes (in the centre) shows a new product to the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Myhaylo Kostyuk and Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyy

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