«Electron» vehicle in «CommunTech-2012» exhibition


On October 2012 after a successful début in Lviv the first national «Electron» truck of multifunctional purpose was shown in the X-th specialized international «CommunTech-201 exhibition, which took place from the 7-th to 9-th of November in Kyyiv and became almost the main event, attracted a great interest of business circles and the press.

«Ukraine is the first country on the territory of CIS, which was able to manufacture a highly economical vehicle. Lviv «ElectronMash» plant, included in PJSC «Concern-Electron», created an extremely interesting, multipurpose and at the same time very efficient vehicle, which can be named a real breakthrough in national municipal economy» - the 1-st Vice-President of Ukrainian union of industrials and businessmen Sergiy Prohorov said after the acquaintance with a new product.

The greatest interest in a new vehicle was displayed by managers and specialists of housing and municipal services enterprises, of industry and branch experts, who gave appreciation to potentials and perspectives of using «Electron» vehicle in various spheres of national economy.

The Chairman of the board of PJSC «Concern-Electron» Yuriy Bubes and the 1-st Vice-President of Ukrainian union of industrials and businessmen Sergiy Prohorov are next to a new vehicle.

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