«Electron» Corporation together with Lviv Regional State Administration presented an of-road all-wheel drive ambulance


On the 14-th of June 2013 on the occasion of the Day of health workers «Electron» Corporation together with Lviv Regional State Administration presented an of-road all-wheel drive ambulance intended for work of urgent medicine in mountain and villages areas difficult of access.

The ambulance is fully provided with necessary devices and medicine. Now «Electron» presented only an experimental specimen, however, if the ambulance meet the requirements of medics and arouse State representatives` interest, Corporation is ready to start their serial production.

The President of Corporation Yuriy Bubes gave a general characteristic of the ambulance, he noted, that a vehicle is equipped with all necessary arrangements for provision of health care on the place. Health workers` response is an evidence of urgency and necessity of the vehicle, so Corporation will attempt to make it available for Ukrainian medicine.

During the presentation Minister of regional development, construction, housing and municipal services of Ukraine Gennadiy Temnyk noted a high urgency of the ambulance for the Ukrainian medicine as it is equipped with all-wheel drive and diesel engine, what is absolutely essential for ambulances especially in mountain areas difficult of access. The vehicle is undoubtedly, required not only in Lviv region, but on the scale of all Ukraine.

Video news from archive of Lviv TRK telecasts of 14.06.2013

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